An Experience Partner for Real Estate Investments

NGC managed Funds (the “Fund”) are real estate focus funds which offers Accredited Investors unique access to attractive real estate opportunities, allowing them to invest opportunistically with smaller denominations. Adopting an opportunistic strategy for the Fund, NGC Capital will target distressed or undervalued real estate assets or asset back credit investments to achieve long term compounded capital gains. The Fund’s target assets would typically include high-end residential and commercial assets in Australia and other key Asian cities.

The team

Has over 30 Years of Experience

Manage over US$1 Billion of Assets

Adopts a Proven Investment Approach


We incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors into all of our investments and actively work with our portfolio companies on them. We will offer our opinions and, if possible, advise organizations on operational improvements that can benefit their businesses by incorporating ESG factors into their operations. Learn more about how we apply ESG factors across all our strategies and investments.