Investing for a Better Future

The fiduciary duty that NGC owes to its investors, stakeholders, and beneficiaries is extremely important to us. We take our responsibility to operate in their best interests in terms of generating profits, managing risks, and protecting capital very seriously. Environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) concerns are an important aspect of the investment management process.


The following principles guide NGC’s commitment to socially responsible and environmentally sound investment management:

Risk-oriented strategy – When assessing and managing investment risk, ESG factors must be taken into account.
Methodical application – As part of a planned and disciplined investment process, ESG risks and opportunities are examined.
Customized solutions – NGC understands that each investment is distinct in terms of asset class, time horizon, and degree of control, and that each investment may or may not require its own appropriate, practical approach to ESG concerns.
Thinking Long-Term – To achieve long-term transformation, we work with our investees to manage ESG risks and realize ESG possibilities throughout the investment cycle and beyond.
Transparency – NGC processes and information will be shared with investee companies, investors, and other stakeholders, and all NGC workers will get NGC training.
Leadership – We welcome interaction with our investors, investees, and industry associations in order to improve ESG outcomes in ways that are in line with the goals of our stakeholders.
Integrity – We hold ourselves to the greatest professional standards.


Every NGC investment is subjected to a thorough due diligence process and is accompanied by a comprehensive business plan and strategy. ESG concerns must be identified and mitigated as part of this approach. Environmental impact assessments, compliance and control policy reviews, human capital policy and practice evaluations, and ESG improvement plan preparation are all common ESG diligence workstreams. In its investments, NGC strives to eliminate material environmental, social, or governance risk.