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NGC managed Funds (the “Fund”) are real estate focus funds which offers Accredited Investors unique access to attractive real estate opportunities, allowing them to invest opportunistically with smaller denominations. Adopting an opportunistic strategy for the Fund, NGC Capital will target distressed/undervalued real estate assets or asset back credit investments to achieve long term compounded capital gains. The Fund’s target assets would typically include high-end residential and commercial assets in Australia and other key Asian cities.


Enjoy lower risk: returns from investments made by the Fund are of lower risk profile, as downside default risks are mitigated by underlying collateral and various modes of security measures and arrangements

Higher liquidity: relative to other PE investments & clear visibility of exit. Compared to a typical 5-year or 7-year lock-up period for traditional PE funds, the Fund’s lock-up period is only 2 years. Each investment made by the Fund has clear visibility of exit. In cases of default on credit investments, the collateral will be used to recover capital and targeted returns

Extensive and Exclusive Deals: Extensive network and access to deals and top tier fund partners. Investors of the Fund to benefit from the extensive and exclusive deal sourcing network of NGC and its fund partners

Reputable and experienced management team: Over 30 years of track record and investment & deal origination experience

Regulated: The Fund managed by NGC Capital is regulated. Regulated fund structure safeguards the interests of every investor through proper fund documentation which clearly stipulates their rights.

Controls & Compliance: An independent fund administrator is appointed to protect the interests of investors and ensure good governance. It is required to uphold robust internal controls, compliance and risk management standards.